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Why May You Need to Book an Emergency Auto Glass Repair & Installation Service?

3 Reasons for You to Visit Our Auto Glass Replacement Store Today  

Sometimes, booking an auto glass repair & installation service cannot be delayed. Today, we will discuss some of these cases and will suggest you how to solve them in the quickest possible manner.

  1. When someone hits your side mirror and you need to get it replaced before an accident occurs. Replacing a side-view mirror on a vehicle or light truck requires a complete inner door panel removal. You will also have to over tighten some fasteners. In order to manage this installation process successfully, you’d better discuss the problem with an auto glass repair & installation specialist in Washington, DC or visit one in order to get it professionally replaced. Having a clear rear view is of major importance, especially when you are parking, so you should not allow yourself to drive without a side mirror even for a day. If you are conscious about your well-being and the well-being of the other drivers on the road, you’d better take immediate action. If you want the repair costs to be covered by your insurers, we recommend you to take a picture of your vehicle exactly as it is and call your insurers for advice on what to do then. They may have a preferred auto glass shop they work with.

  2. When you have been involved in an accidental road collision for which you are not at fault. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are while driving, another driver may be negligent and cause an accident in which you are involved. Any windshield or other auto glass damage in this case should be covered by the insurance company of the party at fault. Make sure that you get the contact and insurance details of the driver who was at fault for the collision, before contacting your auto glass shop.

  3. After a hailstorm. These irregular lumps of ice called hailstones can cause severe damage to any type of vehicle and can even break the windows of your automobile during an intensive hailstorm. Unfortunately, the problem with damaged auto windows after hailstorms is that everyone in the area will have the same problems that you do and it will be really hard to find an auto glass repair & installation service provider to perform an emergency glass replacement. In such cases, hurry up, and call Glass & Tire Experts, at (202) 935-4471! We should be able to help you.

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