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What is the Right Process to Replace an Auto Glass

How is an Auto Glass Replacement Done

A time will come when the auto glass is just too damaged to be repaired. An auto glass repair will not be enough anymore because it will not be completely repaired and might get damaged all the more. This could be dangerous especially if it happened while you are on the road. Although replacing the auto glass should only be done by expert technicians, you should know how the process is done. This way, you will see if the auto glass replacement is done properly.

Step 1: Removal of the damaged auto glass

The technician would carefully cut the urethane to ensure that the car will not get scratched. After removing the urethane, the auto glass is removed from the car. For the urethane to be completely removed, it has to be sanded. Check for any scratches around the auto glass parameter. It is possible for these parts will be scratched during the auto glass replacement. See to it that the areas that got scratched during the sanding of the urethane will be repaired before they proceed. The scratches could damage the metal parts and could cause rust.

Step 2: Installation of the new auto glass

Before the auto glass is installed, a primer is placed around the parameter where the auto glass will be installed. A new urethane is applied to the parameter using a caulking gun before the new auto glass is installed. The auto glass is then aligned to make sure that they set on the pinch-weld. It is important that the auto glass is thoroughly aligned during the glass installation. Realigning the auto glass will be hard if the urethane has already fully set. If the auto glass is misaligned, it could be dangerous to correct the mistake.

Step 3: Letting the urethane set

The urethane should be properly set to ensure theĀ replacement is successful. The time for the urethane will completely set will depend on the type of urethane used for the auto glass replacement and the weather conditions. Ask the technician about the specific time that the urethane will completely set. The time recommended by the urethaneā€™s manufacturer should be diligently followed and not compromised.

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