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Importance of a Windshield Repair

Why You Should Never Belittle the Value of an Auto Glass Repair

Got a little chip on your windshield? If it isn’t in your line of sight, you probably think it isn’t a big deal. You’re probably shrugging it off since it doesn’t even bother you as you drive. Well, here’s the truth: it will. The fact is that cracks, even rock chips, grow. Leave them as they are and you’ll be finding yourself needing an emergency auto glass repair sooner than later.

In reality, the air pressure and temperature changes can cause chips and cracks to spread out over the windshield. So by getting a windshield repair soon, you benefit in a number of ways.

Save Time

The truth is that a glass repair can be done in minutes while a replacement takes longer. Replacing the windshield requires you to wait for the sealant to cure and it can take a whole day to do so, depending on current conditions.

Save Money

By the time a crack on your car’s glass spreads, you will be forced to replace it for safety or legal reasons. You won’t be able to say no by then because local law dictates that you do or it will make driving a wee bit more difficult. And in case you didn’t know, repairs cost much lower than replacements.

Environmentally Friendly

When you have your windshield fixed, you actually keep a non-recyclable glass out of the dumpster and in your car. And, of course, any time you get to keep something out of a landfill is an opportunity to do Mother Nature a favor. It’s totally a win-win situation.

Ensure Safety

Car windshields are designed to break a certain way. That means sharp glass shards won’t be flying your way in the event of a road accident. A compromised windshield may cause it to shatter when the inevitable does occur. Don’t wait for a windshield installation because it’s safer to get repairs done early on.

If you’re convinced to get an auto glass repair in Washington, DC, simply give Glass & Tire Experts a call. Get in touch with us at (202) 935-4471 and we’ll make sure to get your windshield woes fixed before they put you in a precarious situation.

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