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Get Your Auto Glass Tinting From Us

Window tinting has a lot of benefits. It gives you privacy, security, and fade reduction. To ensure your auto glass is properly tinted, it should be done by a specialist. Being one of the go-to auto glass shops in Washington, DC, you should bring your car to us. Glass & Tire Experts can provide you with all the benefits of auto glass tinting while it is looking good at the same time.

We Have the Experience

Our company was established in 1999. A lot has changed in how we provide our service over the years. Even if we have years of experience in our job, we still make sure we are able to cope up with these changes. These changes enable us to work faster and provide a lasting result all the time. Our clients come to us because they know we have what it takes and we are also committed to providing a reliable service all the time.

We Have Complete Credentials

How can you not trust a fully licensed, insured, and bonded auto glass tinting shop? Since we are insured, you do not have to worry about the safety of your car while it is with us. However, we do not rely on our insurance solely for we have all the security features we could get. These things keep us, our equipment, and your car safe.

We Use High-Quality Materials

Since our goal is for the auto glass tint to last for a long time, we meticulously research on the different auto glass tint in the market. Since we are the one who installed the auto glass tint, it will be on us if the tint does not last for a long time. We have invested in our tools and equipment to ensure the auto glass tint is properly installed. Our specialists are very meticulous. They clean all the glass first so they will be able to install the tint smoothly. They have also mastered the installation method which enables them to work fast but has a quality result. If you watch them work, they will make it look easy.

Leave the auto glass tinting to our experts here in Glass & Tire Experts. Bring your car to our auto glass shop in Washington, DC or call us at (202) 935-4471 today.

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